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Nella Fauve Painter

Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in different artistic activities. I was not hesitating for a moment about the aim of my secondary school studies. I have finished a Secondary school of Design, major in Painting, with Mr. Jaroslav Klat, academic painter. The final set of eight paintings was later exhibited for several years in a Prague Dance studio Dancers’ club, because I chose dance as a topic for my graduation cycle of paintings. After my secondary school, I spent one year studying English language and the following year I began my university studies of Art and English on a CHarles’ University in Prague.


In June 2015, after three years of my university studies, I decided to fullfil my lifelong dream. I got rid of my flat, my job, all my belongings and I left to Paris, Montmartre to search for new inspiration and new life energy. I started to study performance art  here, and I dived once again into my painting.


I came to Montmartre to look for “La Bohème” and I found it. I succeeded to get into the centre of what is left from the Montmartre scene, the very unique lifestyle. Between those street artists here, I found one day a musician and composer, who I decided to live with. First year in Paris was for me very difficult, as an artist. I lived from one day to another, I spent every night in a different place. French laws are not helpful to people like us with searching for a rent. Looking back I can saw, that without the support, which I found among my friends, I would not be able to handle such a huge psychological pressure and I would never manage to change my life from the scratch.


Through this lifestyle, without success, money, flat, life insurence and with absolute uncertanity of everything I succeeded to start understanding life and its values on a whole different level. One day, I grabbed a canvas and my paints and I began to feel and create completely different, newly and more lightly. The inspiration which I came to look for finally found me. Almost instantaneously came the opportunities of exhibitions, for example in a gallery of a Collective of Artists in St-Ouen, on the northern borders of Paris, in Atelier Montmartre or 5 plus next to famous Centre Pompidou.


I passed a test. First I started to exhibit and sell in Paris, then I found a flat, than all sorts of contacts, which help me with my future realisation started to come to me.